Care of Albino African Black-Clawed Frogs

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Albino African black-clawed frogs are lively, small and they need to live in an aquarium with a sand substrate and low filtration. Discover what type of water should be used when keeping albino African black-clawed frogs with help from a veterinarian in this free video on frogs and pet care.

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Video Transcript

We're going to talk about the care of the Albino African Black Clawed frog. And so that's a mouthful to say. They're very popular. You get these guys generally in most pet stores. They're very lively. They're very small and basically, usually when you buy them, they're they're quite small when you first start out. These guys are a hundred percent aquatic and so they do not live on land in any way. You generally set up an aquarium for these guys with a sand sub-straight with low filtration. You gotta make sure you're using dechlorinated water. Once these guys are established and transferred from a pet store into the tank, you usually feed them Tubifex worms, and you know, sometimes brine shrimp will work, things of that nature. Your pet store can guide you as far as feeding and handling, a, or, actually there is no handling of these guys. They get their name from the rear claws that they have on their back feet, and they use those to dig, and so these guys really don't like to have a lot of fish in there 'cause generally they try to eat the fish and it's a constant problem as far as you know, housing fish, and along with these guys, if you're feeding them fish, you're using small, little feeder fish like neons and that sort of thing as well. But they are a very, very popular little species of frog, and again grow completely one hundred percent in the water. They're very, very active and can provide quite a bit of entertainment for people just starting out getting frogs or "herbs".


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