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Dog eye diseases include conjunctivitis, glaucoma, ulcers and hardening of the lens, all of which require immediate medical attention to prevent rupture of the eye or blindness. Assess any eye problems a dog may exhibit with helpful information from an experienced veterinarian in this free video on pet care.

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Video Transcript

Let's talk about eye diseases in the dog. There are lots of eye diseases that can occur. Some of which can be subtle and a owner may not always know what's going on. And so if you think there's any problem with an eye on your pet, prompt medical attention from your veterinarian clinic is needed, even at night if there's an emergency clinic open, because eyes can get bad very quickly, there are lots of diseases that can be seen. Specifically trauma, things like that can cause ulcers of the eye. If an ulcer is very deep then there's a possibility that actually that eye could rupture, and that obviously is an emergency and can be a bad thing. And so ulcers usually show up by squinting, and so if your dog is squinting definitely get them checked out by a veterinary clinic. Other diseases that are commonly seen are conjunctivitis, which is red irritation and with the membrane like tissue that holds the eye in place. We also see glaucoma, just like in people, and glaucoma is an increase of pressure in the eye. Those dogs typically are painful, can be squinting or the eye can appear to be larger, but they usually are painful and don't want to be touched. Other diseases that can be seen are diseases of the lid themselves, there can be masses or tumors that can grow on the lids, or tumors that can grow actually on the inside of the eye. Other things with age, you see hardening of the lens, which makes it more cloudy, but then again cataracts can form as well. Cataracts are usually a crystal like looking material inside of that lens. Cataracts can sometimes irritate the eyes as well. So if there is any kind of an eye issue, the first thing you want to do is have your veterinarian clinic examine that eye and make sure that there is not something significant going on that need to be treated promptly. Other than that, a lot of eyes can easily be treated affectively and they can heal and have a nice normal recovery.


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