Dog Diseases That Are Caused by Ticks

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Dog diseases that are caused by ticks include Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Ehrlichia, Bebesia and Lyme disease, all of which can be prevented by using topical products and combing out a dog's coat regularly. Avoid tick-born diseases in a dog with helpful information from an experienced veterinarian in this free video on pet care.

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Let's talk about dog diseases that are caused by ticks. Now, there are multiple types of ticks that are out there and so not always easy to tell which ones can or cannot transmit diseases. So, the best thing to do is to be vigilant for your dog. That is using topical products that kill ticks using it monthly especially during the summer months when ticks are most active and just being very vigilant again combing and brushing your dog find out if there's any ticks there. Ticks typically have to be attach twelve to twenty four hours to transmit a tick born disease. These tick born diseases we're talking about are things like rocky mountain spotted fever, ehrlichia, bebesia and lyme disease and so depending on what area the country some of these diseases maybe more seen than other ones. These diseases is very commonly are organisms that are transmitted into the bloodstream and what happens in a lot of these animals is they can become suppressed, have high fevers typically, joint pain just not doing well overall lethargy. Some of these diseases can cause a wide range of some times bizarre symptoms that don't always make sense. Some dogs can have lots of ticks and have no disease. Some dogs can have one tick and lot of diseases and so it's just not always correlative on what can be caused by what. So, again the best thing to do if you think your dog has a tick born disease, see a veterinarian clinic so they can help you and also just be vigilant and use a top goal type of anti tick medication.


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