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Ringworm on dogs is typically not treated through home remedies, as ringworm is a fungus that requires prescription anti-fungal medication. Get an accurate diagnosis before treating for ringworm on dogs with helpful information from an experienced veterinarian in this free video on pet care.

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Video Transcript

Let's talk abut home remedies for ringworm in dogs. Now, the first thing we've got to do is clear up misconceptions about ringworm, and the first thing is in its name. Ringworm is not a worm; it's a fungus. It gets its name because when it grows in the skin it forms a red raised ring and so it looks like a worm under the skin, but is actually a fungus, a fungal organism. And so, the second misconception is any spot that's red and raised and circular doesn't necessarily make it ringworm either, and so you always want to have a diagnosis first before you treat anything that you think is ringworm. And so, diagnosis will be made at your veterinary clinic, and they do that by several ways. One is by using a black light to fluoresce ringworm. There is a certain type of ringworm that does fluoresce, and so sometimes just based on physical exam it can be diagnosed that way. Second, there they can culture the hair, and it takes about ten days to grow ringworm out in this culture medium, and so that is another way to diagnose it. Diagnosing it visually is is hard to do a lot of times, because again, skin infections and allergy can create a hairless red ring, and it looks like ringworm. Now, as far as home remedies are concerned there really isn't anything since it is a fungus. Occasionally, through your direction of your veterinary clinic they may have you use something like Myconazol which is used for yeast infections and for athlete's foot, because those are anti-fungals, and so that might be able to be used. But again, you have to get the correct diagnosis first.


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