First Aid for Dog Vomiting

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First aid for a dog who is vomiting includes taking away food and water for a couple of hours to allow the pet to calm down and calling the vet for a dog who throws up more than a couple of times that day. Allow a dog to relax after vomiting with helpful information from an experienced veterinarian in this free video on pet care.

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Video Transcript

Let's talk about first aid for dogs who are vomiting. This is pretty simple, actually. There's a large misconception among the populace that if a dog is vomiting, you've got to give them water and food. But water seems to be a very common link to that. People automatically think that if a dog is vomiting, they become dehydrated quickly, and that's simply not true. It takes a while for a dog to become dehydrated, and what happens is when a dog is vomiting and you're giving them water, it stimulates that vomiting reflex. You're actually making them worse. So the very first, and pretty much only thing in first aid with vomiting dogs is to stop anything from going down the mouth. The second thing is to call your day veterinary clinic, or an emergency clinic at night, if your dog has been vomiting a lot. Once or twice vomiting can be pretty benign and normal for some dogs, if they have a little GI upset. Now, vomiting more than that can be more severe, especially if there's any lethargy or anything else going on, and so there are no over the counter medications to give for vomiting, and so the first thing you want to do is rest that stomach. No food, no water for a couple of hours, and see if that stops the vomiting. If vomiting is protracted, then you need to consult your veterinary clinic.


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