How to Have Hair Like Marilyn Monroe

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Get hair like Marilyn Monroe by dying hair blond, adding hairspray to clean hair, creating a large wave curl in the front and curling the ends of the hair. Work up the layers underneath the hair for a Marilyn Monroe hairstyle with instructions from a costumer, designer and cosmetologist in this free video on hairstyles.

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Video Transcript

How to have Marilyn Monroe Hair? Well, you want to be a blond or at least somewhat of a blond and if you're not a blond, well you have only two options then. You're either going to be going to get your hair dyed or you're going to be going and getting a wig. Either or you need to be a blond to be a Marilyn Monroe. So, once you found that blond hair that you're going to working with, we're going to work with Heather's hair here today. As you can see she is very modern hair cut for today's time so it's very tricky to make this into a Marilyn Monroe hairstyle but we're going to show you how it can be done just about any hairstyle no matter whether it's a modern hair cut you have or not. You're going to want to start off with a side part. You can either choose either side whatever works best for you. I'm going to put Heather's over here. Now, Marilyn Monroe went through a couple different phases of her hair. Earlier on, her hair was a little bit shorter. Then later on, when let's say she sang happy birthday to the president. So, her hair was a little bit longer which is more like how we're going to mimic it just simply because Heather has such a long angular front. So, those are things you're going to want to take into consideration before styling your hair up. Of course, dirty hair is always better hair to work with and if it is nice clean hair like Heather's here, you're going to want to add a little bit of spray to give it a little bit of direction. Now, it's only a couple of these that you have to be particular about. There are the front ones. So, this piece here needs to have a nice wave to it and it needs to roll up and back. That's how Marilyn Monroe hair is. So, you're going to want to over direct the piece in the front here. So, really pull that stuff forward in the front there. Bring it in your curling roller and rolling it up. Give it a good little twist at the end there kind of really enhances that curl. So, when we undo this, you'll have a nice high roll wave there very much like what you see in Marilyn Monroe hair. The rest of these are about just getting the curl at the end. So, you're not going to want to roll these as high up and you don't need nearly as much over direction as well but it's tricky when you have layers like this. You just keep working it until you get all those layers up and underneath there little bit of time but can be done with any hair gel lots of our modern hairdos now have different layers in it. So, it may be a little tricky to mimic it but it can be done. You're going to want to switch to a smaller roller the farther you go down to give it a tighter curl. Styles of that time period were very easy to create simply because when you did bleach your hair that color which Marilyn Monroe hair was bleach that color, there were much thicker dyes then. So, they did a lot more damage to the hair. So, that gave you the capability to be able to style fairly easy. Of course, it was not the beautiful hair that we have nowadays that we can run are hands through but it certainly looks good on TV doesn't it and the other stuff when it gets too short to curl and you can't reach it, don't worry about it. That's what teasing comes and a little bit of hair spray is all about at the end. Marilyn Monroe hair once you waited that twenty minutes you're going to want to go ahead and take out all those curls being careful not to breakup the hair. Always remember that oils on your hand get on that hair and they breakup and that's what give you all those little fuzzes and we don't want that. So, that those curls out as best as you can nice and simple and tease yourself out and voila Marilyn Monroe arrives. So, this is a very nice Marilyn Monroe. She's definitely ready to sing to her president. You can see the long stylish. You can take that farther over the one eye or if you want to be able to see, you can see how you can pull it back some. Her little points we did a couple of them back and pull them back. If you want to curl it up some more, you can at this point hit it with a curling iron but for the most this is going to give you a lovely Marilyn Monroe as you can see.


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