How to Dress Like a Redneck

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Dress like a redneck by wearing cowboy boots, long or short overalls, Daisy Duke shorts, a flannel shirt and sunglasses. Finish off a redneck look with a roughed up hairstyle and a can of beer with ideas from a costumer, designer and cosmetologist in this free video on redneck costumes.

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Video Transcript

How to dress like a redneck. Well, Nicole here is showing us a great look of one of the many redneck ways you can dress. Let me just point out a few of her great details. We'll start with her feet. We've added some great cowboy boots, I don't think anything but cowboys screams more redneck-y. What else? You could use maybe a combat boot or some kind of a boot-esque like that. Gosh even galoshes I guess would pull off sort of a redneck look, just make sure they're not fashionable galoshes and more of those rough kind of work ones. But I think cowboy boots work great for any redneck look. We're also sporting a lovely overall look. You can't go wrong with overalls, long or short. We have rolled them up to show off a little bit of Nicole's great legs and I think that if you're doing a redneck girl look that you definitely want to show those legs. You can definitely do a Daisy Duke kind of a short as well and really show off even a little bit of that tush to really represent the redneck ladies side. You can as well do something simple like this with just a worn out t-shirt out of your closet or you could choose maybe a flannel and tie that up underneath giving you all great lady redneck shirt attire to wear. Then you want to finish it off with either some great crazy redneck hair, maybe a roughed up ponytail to the side or here we've just given her a great redneck cap just to give you that full redneck feel, trucker caps are always great for any redneck look. You could also finish it off with a necktie of some sort with a neck scarf or something redneck like that either tied to your neck or a leg or something of that feature to give you a little bit of accessories. And of course some good redneck glasses would be great, sunglasses if you're going out there. And to really finish it off, oh I don't know, a Budweiser can or something like that I guess. But other than that, this is all great ideas for a wonderful redneck look.


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