How to Make Grass Skirts

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Grass skirts can be made out of a variety of materials, such as dried corn husks, raffia or straw, which are all available at any craft store. Create a handmade grass skirt for your next luau with a demonstration from a costume designer in this free video on costume fashion.

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How to make a grass skirt? Well, the trick to grass skirts is just figuring it out what the grass you're going to use for the skirt. Typically, you can find corn husk style like this at a craft stores; Michaels, Joan's, things of those nature. You can sometimes special order it. Of course if you live on a farm, shred it up and use your own as well. So some kind of husk you can find this also in a green grass which is actually a long grass that they shred up and prepare just for skirt. So you can sometimes purchase that as well at craft stores in a green variety. I've also made a grass skirts out of straws and others such as interesting objects that look very similar to a straw husk grass skirt. So keep in mind if you're having weird items like that when you're around or just trying to do a fun grass skirt project with the kids at home, that straws and other things like that can work just as well. So once you've got your grass that you're going to use for your skirt, you're going to just simply need something to use as your waist size for your, your person that you're making your grass skirt. So you're just going to want some kind of twine that's very easy. You can of course take the corn husk and braid it up as they did here. Usually twine is very simple to find and have around the house. Just simply going to measure off to the waist, cutting the little pass the amount that you need so you have something to tie the grass skirt on by. So you, that's very simple, it needs to reduce to make for whatever size waist you're working with. Once you have that twine, ribbon, braided grass, whatever it is that you're using for your waist band, you're all set. You're simply going to take your grass, you're going to fold that at half, giving yourself a nice little loop at the top, simply taking that on your waistband starting at the beginning, working from one end to the other. Simply taking the grass piece putting it through the loop, going that down, tightening it and there adding to the rest of your grass pieces. It's a little time consuming but you simply just keeps stacking that on. You can see, use that same theory like I said with the straws simply by pinning through the straws and looping it that way with a thread and loop instead of a grass loop. So many tricks to that, same theory though and just simply work through it, adding each piece by bit; of course, the many, the more you add to it, the thicker it's going to be. If you want a very, very thick skirt, then you definitely going to want to add a lot to it to give it a very nice super thick denseness. So once you have that all set, you're ready though for your hula-ing.


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