How to Tie Hand Wraps

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Correctly tying hand wraps in boxing is a good way to keep the knuckles from getting damaged. Discover the importance of protecting the wrist when tying a hand wrap for boxing with help from a former heavyweight boxer in this free video on boxing and boxing training.

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Video Transcript

In this segment I'm going to show you how to wrap hands. Very, very important, without a good hand wrap that's where your knuckles are going to get some damage and your hands are going to bust up. So it's a very important segment, you need to watch this one closely. Okay, wrapping your hands, one of the most important things in boxing. If you don't wrap your hands properly you're going to get knuckle bruises, breaks, injuries and sprains. So I'll just use the basic wrap, loop it through your thumb, come around your wrist three or four times, depending on the size of the persons hands. Okay, it's very important to protect your wrist because that's obviously your main thing. Come around the knuckle once, back over, you want to go underneath your knuckles three times, 1,2,3, come back under the thumb through the first knuckle, back around the knuckles to the first finger, so alright, back around the knuckles under the thumb, through the second finger, around the knuckles, under the thumb, through the third finger. You go the opposite direction to lock it all in; 1,2, then you'll criss-cross it over the wrist, and the knuckles. Just cross it over, then you're coming close to the end of the wrap. And that's a completed wrap. Hands up, make a fist, done.


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