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The best way to take a punch in boxing is to condition the body to handle punishment. Find out how to roll with the punches in boxing with help from a former heavyweight boxer in this free video on boxing and boxing training.

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Video Transcript

In this tape I am going to show you or demonstrate, explain to you how to take a punch. One of the things we don't really want to do in boxing but the law of averages will tell you when you're in a 12 round boxing match you're going to get hit so you better know how to take a punch. The best way to take a punch or get your body conditioned to handling the punishment from a punch is to be in 110% physical condition. Ok. The greater shape you're in the more punishment you actually handle. But! If someone's throwing a right hand, this all comes down to technique and boxing technique as well, if you were to avoid the shot or to roll with the punch is to move like this ok. If someone throws a straight right hand at you, you roll with the shot and you take a lot of heat off the punch. If someone tries to jab straight to the body like this again you slip back and take a lot of heat, take 50% off the punch. So it's not as damaging. Alright. This is the best way. The best way is to avoid getting hit all together but like I say it's a boxing match- you're going to get hit. Best of that the best way roll with roll the shot, ducking and weaving, guard your shoulder are the same thing. Keep your hands up. It helps you take a punch. You got your hands up here and the guy throws a right hand your glove will take away a lot of the force. Same thing hand up here, guy throws a left hook, your glove will take a lot of force from the punch. Let's not take a punch. That is the best way to explain it to you. Do not take a punch in the head but if you have to just try and remember roll with the shots. Take a lot of heat off your punches.


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