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Training for boxing involves practicing jabs, multiple punches and various attack combinations. Practice body shots, hooks and hip rotation with help from a former heavyweight boxer in this free video on boxing and boxing training.

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Video Transcript

Okay, boxing basics. Okay. Let's get that jab done first, alright. The jab stays right here. If your right hand stays by your chin, jab stays right there, okay. Jab is your lead punch; alright. Jab comes straight out, rotate your wrist, you're landing on the two in front, the two main knuckles of your hand. Bang and straight back to your chin. You start here, you finish here. Pam, pam, pam. Okay. You can't drop your jab because you can't left them over for the counter right hand. Okay. So jab here and come straight back to your chin. Alright. Once you get your basic jab done, one, two; jab right hand. One, two; one, two; one, tow; obviously, you start here, you finish here, always come back to your chin 'cause that's where you need to protect yourself. Okay. I'll show you specific punches; the basic punches; jab, right hand, left hook, right hook, left upper cut, right upper cut, left body shot, right body shot. Okay. So jab is your straight out and straight back; we went through this before. Jab, back; jab, straight back; jab, straight back; using your hips for your power. Same with right hand; right hand and straight back; right hand, straight back; boom, come back. Right hand, straight back. Left body shot; keeping your left body, your arm close to your body; body shot. Bang, bang, bang. Again, power is in your hips; body shot. Right body shot, same thing, just the opposite side. Boom, right body shot, right body shot; there, bang; same pivot. Okay. People on the ball of your feet, you must your hips. Bang, bang, bang, bang. Left hook, okay. Left hook's right here, arm comes up, straight around. Okay. This is weak, this is strong. Bang, same pivot. Pop, bang, bang, bang; left hook. Same thing with right hook; opposites. Arm comes out, hook comes around, pivot on your back foot, that's where your power is. Hook, hook, hook, hook, hook. It's done.


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