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To address a formal letter, type your name, address and other contact information in the top right corner, skip a space and type the recipient's name and contact information along the left margin, write the date below along the right margin, and begin the salutation below that along the left margin. Address and write a formal business letter with information from a standardized test prep instructor in this free video on education.

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Video Transcript

Let's talk about how to address a letter. Now if you're looking at this clip and you're wondering about how to address a letter, you probably mean a business letter. If it's an informal letter, then you can do it however you want. But there is sort of this technical style for a business letter. So I'm going to show that to you. So in the upper right hand corner of your business letter, you're going to put your name, your address, your phone number, and your email. Then you're going to skip a space, I didn't put it here on the white board, but here you're going to skip a space on your word processor or if it's hand written you're going to skip a space, skip a line. Then you're going to put the contact name, that's the person you're contacting, the person you're writing the letter to. You're going to put their title, you're going to put the company name. And again, this is the formal way to do it, sometimes you might choose to deviate from the formal way to do it. But this is the technical formal way. You're going to put the company name of the person you're addressing, and the address of the company. Again you'll skip a space. To the right, on the right hand side you'll put today's date, skip another space. So then you're going to have your salutation, what that means is your you know your greeting to the person. Ideally you know you know who you're contacting, so you're actually going to write "Dear" you know Mr. Jenkins, or "Dear" Bill. You can use first name or last name depending on how comfortable you are with the person, how well you know them. And how you want to come across. Do you want to come across with a last name or a first name. And then you put comma, and then you write your letter.


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