What Is M.L.A. Report Style?

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A report is in M.L.A. style when it has half-inch margins, double spacing, half-inch indention at the beginning of new paragraphs, 12-point font and a left justified layout. Compose an M.L.A. style paper, referring to the M.L.A. handbook for more details, with information from a standardized test prep instructor in this free video on education.

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Video Transcript

Let's say you've been asked to write a paper using M.L.A. style. What does that really mean? So to get the full story on this, you probably just want to go google M.L.A. style, and get a list from the M.L.A. of their specific requirements, but here's a basic overview. So when a teacher says they want it in M.L.A. style, it's kind of the standard form. What it means is, you're going to write your report or your essay, and you're going to have half inch margins. You're going to double space. Each new paragraph is going to be indented 0.5 inches, half an inch. So, from the margin, you're going to indent half an inch. That's the tab on your computer. You're going to use eight and a half by eleven paper. You're going to use a typical font, usually Times New Roman, something like that, in twelve point. I didn't put that on here, but that's the usual, twelve point. And you're going to left justify. This is a good one. Left justify means that all your sentences, all your lines, are going to line up on the left, except the ones that you've indented half an inch. The difference between....the alternative to left justify is if you right justify, and that's when they all line up here, which we don't want for M.L.A. style. And, those are the basic set up for a M.L.A. style paper.


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