What Do Hybrid Cars Run On?

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Hybrid cars run on a gas engine combined with a hybrid system that is powered by a nickel metal hydride battery. Find out how hybrid cars work similarly to power generators with information from a hybrid car salesman in this free video on hybrid cars.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Kyle with Toyota Tampa Bay and I'd like to talk to you about what hybrids run on. Now with the Toyota line up, what Toyota engineers did is they took their most reliable, most proven gas engines that they had out there and added a hybrid system to them. Now what does the hybrid mean? The hybrids use a motor generator tied to your gas engine, works basically like a generator at your home should your house run out of power. That motor generator sends power to your batteries. Now the batteries are a nickel metal hydride. For those of you who think, "What is a nickel metal hydride?" Take a look at a laptop. Most of the laptops on the market today use nickel metal hydride batteries. Now most of your cell phones on the other hand use lithium ion. What's the advantage of the nickel metal hydride? Well, the lithium ion are great for power output, but not proven very well over the long haul. Because the nickel hydride batteries are so reliable, Toyota's actually put an eight year, one hundred thousand mile fully transferable warranty on that. Now once those batteries are charged up from your gas engine or from slowing down, they send power to a second motor generator mounted on the axel, tied to a continuous variable transmission that actually powers the car. The gas engine doesn't require anything special. You can use a regular cheap eighty seven grade gas like you'd find at any gas station. It's a big advantage over some of the others such as your E85 vehicles where there's very few fueling stations throughout the country. Now, as you're driving the car as I mentioned, It used the momentum of the car, turns the motor generator that's responsible for driving it the opposite direction, turns it like a generator similar to your home again, which is going to power up your batteries make sure you have enough energy in reserve to actually start moving the car again. So with the great combination of Toyota's most reliable gas engines combined with the phenomenal hybrid system covered under any incredible warranty, it really is a great system. I'm Kyle Sperry with Toyota Tampa Bay and that's what hybrid cars run on.


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