How Does Vonage Phone Service Work?

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Vonage phone service works by sending phone calls over the Internet instead of over regular telephone wires. Pay less than traditional phone service and get unlimited calling with Vonage phone service using advice from a cell phone salesman in this free video on cellular phones.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Ben from the Cellphone Broker in San Jose, California. Today I'm going to show you how Vonage service works. Vonage is a service that runs off of VOIP. VOIP stand for Voice Over Internet Phone. What that means is they'll give you either a special phone or they'll allow you to use your previous regular phone that you have at home. You can connect that into their special little transceiver box and that transceiver box will in turn connect into your land line jack at home. This will send your phone calls over the Internet as opposed to going over the AT&T or PacBell wires what are overhead. This will go straight into the Internet and then it will go straight into the other person's communication device. So if you are calling a cell phone, if you're calling a land line, if you're calling another person with VOIP service you can then communicate to them directly. Vonage service is pretty in inexpensive. It runs you about $25 a month and for that $25 a month you get unlimited local and long distance calling to everybody in the United States. Pretty much everybody in North America. You get, I'm pretty sure you get calling to Mexico and Canada for free. From what I understand there's also unlimited local and long distance to South America and some European countries. So Vonage is pretty cost efficient however a lot of people are stepping away from the home phone. It's kind of not efficient to have a home phone anymore and a lot of people are just moving to cell phones and getting rid of their land line service. So getting Vonage is kind of a step back, however, if you don't have a cell phone it's definitely a great idea because it runs directly off of your Internet service and it brings your phone bills down a little bit. I'm Ben from the Cellphone Broker in San Jose. Check us out online at


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