What Are Some Good Stocks to Invest in for Long Periods?

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Good stocks to invest in for long periods of time include companies that provide everyday services and goods, such as telephone companies, pen companies and computer companies. Speak with an investment professional for specific stocks to purchase for long periods with ideas from an investment consultant in this free video on investing.

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Are you thinking about investing in stock, and wondering what good companies might be to invest in over the next many years? Hi I'm Roger Groh with Groh Asset. Really, the individual stock that you invest in should depend upon your specific situation. So irregardless of what I say over the next minutes, I strongly suggest that you go and speak with your investment professional. Now, what are good things to own over the longer term? Well, we're sort of chicken investors in our company, and we tend to buy things that you use everyday. Examples, well, how about telephone companies, you're likely to pay your phone bill even when things get tough. Last, or next, what about Bic pens, everybody has them, pick it up and look at it, they're all over, Bic pens and razors. They're based in France but you can buy their stock here. And last but not least, how about computers. Well, maybe you want to buy hardware or maybe you want to buy software, but one thing is for sure, everybody wants one, and therefore it makes sense as a long term investor to consider putting your money in there. Now individual names? Well I'm going to leave that up to you. But maybe I can give you some hints. The largest software company in the world is Microsoft. Other software companies that you might consider would be SAP or Oracle. Last but not least, as we get older, what's the one thing that we're all likely to use more of? That's drugs. The reason is, our bodies will get a little bit crankier, we're going to get a little bit sicker and we'll probably spend our last dollar to be as healthy as possible. Companies in that sector that you might consider, well there's a company called Metronic in Minneapolis. They make things for your heart, as an example. Other large drug companies might include Merck, might include Visor. Those are examples, I'm not necessarily recommending them. Again, you should speak with your stock professional to determine exactly what's appropriate for your portfolio. I hope that helps. I'm Roger Groh.


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