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To invest in stocks, spend time consulting with advisers, do a practice run before spending money, and consider buying stock from other countries. Determine whether you can handle the ups and downs of investing in the stock market with tips from an investment consultant in this free video on investing.

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When I was a kid my dad would take me to this restaurant that had these golden arches over the front of it and he used to say we're going here because they have the best French Fries in the world. I wish that there were a way that I could invest in this. Hi I'm Roger Groh with Groh Asset Management. Do you know any other good ideas that you'd like to invest in? Well one of the ways that you can do that is actually by buying stock in the company that runs that business. In the case of my family when I was a kid it was McDonald's in the very early days and my dad was right. Those French Fries were and still are delicious and anyway other good ideas that you might be able to invest in. Do you like the airline business? Do you like the solar panel business? Do you like the windmill business for power? Do you like the green energy business? Do you like the idea of buying car stocks when nobody else does because you they're so cyclical and you can ride them up during the next cycle? Do you like the idea of buying oil stocks because prices may be low? Now whether you should or not that's up to you, your advisers and for sure do your homework before you spend a penny. One other thing it always makes sense to practice before you actually invest so for instance if you decided to buy stock in any company before you actually put money in, pretend like you put money in. Take a piece of paper or better yet go on to a website which offers free track stocking. An example might be or, Reuters is spelled R - e - u - t - e - r - s and they will give you a portfolio that you can enter a name in to, put today's price into, make believe like you bought it and actually see what happens and see if you can handle the ups and downs that are inevitable in every stock. So that's a little bit about how you can invest in stocks. One other thing to consider, it's a big world, many companies whose products you use are based outside the United States. For instance, Bic pens do you know where they are based, well Paris, France and yes they trade on the Paris Stock Exchange but also you can buy their stock here in the United States. I hope that helps. I'm Roger Groh with Groh Asset Management.


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