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The best Mexican companies to invest in include American companies who have lots of room to grow in Mexico, such as Coca-Cola or Wal-Mart. Invest in Mexican stocks that have strong potential to grow and expand with information from a portfolio manager in this free video on investing.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Roger Groh with Groh Asset Management. Today we're here to talk about investing in Mexico and what companies represent good value and have solid long term growth prospects. In our firm we've tended to focus on companies that sell more of whatever it is that they make each year, no matter what the economy is like. As a result, we focus on the basics, food, water and consumer products. That's different from commodities or oil and gas or real estate for example, even though you can make money in those sectors. Names that you can consider? Well, if you see it here in the US, you can probably buy it in Mexico. An example might be Coca Cola in that there are two public companies in Mexico which produce Coca Cola, one of which is the largest Coke bottler in the world, and it's something for you to consider. It's half the price of US Coke, grows at twice the rate and has a dividend of about five percent. The other Coca Cola bottler is smaller, focuses more on the eastern shore of Mexico and has a significant cash dividend. Now, Mexico is going to be a more volatile place to invest than in the United States. Looking forward a little bit, an awful lot of the cash that Mexico has had for investment purposes has come from their sale of oil and gas and their very valuable properties in the gulf of Mexico. But they're starting to peter out and we're all wondering now what that does to Mexicans, to the long term growth in Mexico. Another name to consider might be Walmart. Sounds kind of funny, but today there is a public company, Walmart and Americo that you can buy under the New York Stock Exchange. It offers all of the advantages of being an investor in Walmart here in the United States, great management, great prices. But in Mexico where there are not many Walmarts, you still have growth. Here in the US there aren't going to be too many Walmarts built because we've all got them in our neighborhoods today. So that's a little bit about, oh, about what to buy. Last but not least, beer, do you drink Corona? Check out Femsa, F E M S A. I'm Roger Groh. I hope that helped and thank you for spending a few minutes with me.


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