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Online investment opportunities come in many forms, such as investing in the newspaper industry, which is moving more and more to the Internet, investing in successful blogs, making money through eBay and writing software for various companies. Find ways to invest and make money online with information from a portfolio manager in this free video on investing.

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Are you used to reading the newspaper in the morning with your cup of coffee and before you go off to work? Hi, I'm Roger Grog with Groh Asset Management. Today we're here to talk about online investment opportunities and how you can take advantage of the rapid growth that we have seen in sales online. An example; a terrific one is in the newspaper business. It's become too expensive for many of the newspaper companies to distribute paper. And as a result they distribute online. In addition increasingly the reporters are not the reporters we've seen in the past, but are more bloggers. And in fact most reporters have their own blog outside of the newspaper company that they write for. You can look in the New York Times for instance or the LA Times or the Wall Street Journal or the Washington Post, or any of the International newspapers. And you can see the reporter and usually at the bottom it says this reporters blog is da da da da da da, and you can write and comment with that person. Do you think you're knowledgeable? Well one online opportunity might be to create your own blog. How can you make money? Well you can put advertising around your blog and the more people that come to your site the more money that it generates for you. It's easy to do, you can do it through Google, you can do it through Yahoo, you can do it through Microsoft as examples. And you can even do it through your cell phone if you use Nokia phones. It's online, simple, easy thing to do. And if your writing's good people will come. If you're very knowledgeable and can fact check other people, even more people will come. It's a very profitable way to do business. Other things you can do, have you even bought or sold anything through E-Bay? Well E-Bay figured out that they really needed more regional sales sites and rather than build them themselves they let anybody do it. So you can open up a E-Bay sales site in your house or in your garage and get a commission of things that are loaded or unloaded through your garage. That's another example. Last but not least, if you're any good at writing software it's a terrific time to do so. Many companies are looking for new apps to attach to their own products to make them compelling. Write a nice card for instance or or write a new Apple application and put it on the Apple store or put it on the Nokia store where sixty percent of cell phone sales are through Nokia and Symbian their operating system. So those are some examples of what you can do online. They're relatively inexpensive to create and the margins are high in those businesses. I'm Roger Groh, go blog away. Thank you for spending time with me.


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