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To get better gas mileage, keep the car maintained properly by checking the oil once a month, checking the air filter, maintaining proper tire pressure and driving sensibly without many sharp accelerations. Get better gas mileage through smart driving and upkeep with instructions from an ASE-certified technician in this free video on driving.

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Video Transcript

All right, in this clip we're going to go over a few simple ways you, as a consumer, can look to increase your fuel mileage. There's a lot of gimmicky products on the market that you can buy that claim big numbers for fuel increase, but they really don't work all that well. In fact, getting better fuel mileage, really just comes down to a couple simple things you, as a consumer, can do to keep your vehicle in top notch. One, make sure your maintenance is up to date. Check your oil every month, and top it off if necessary. If you're running your vehicle low on oil, the engine's gotta work harder to spin, hence you're going to be using more fuel to get the same amount of power. Check your air filter. That's how the engine breathes. It's also a major indicator of the efficiency that it's running on. If your air filter's clogged, or your fuel filter's clogged, your not going to be getting as much power as you possibly could out of the engine. Something simple that a lot of people overlook is your tire, and especially your tire pressures. All tires, on the sidewall of the tire, indicate a maximum inflation pressure. If you want to get maximum fuel economy out of your vehicle, you want to bump up that tire pressure to the maximum inflation level. If you do that, you're going to get less rolling resistance, 'cause the tire's going to be stiffer, so it's going to roll easier. Down side to that, though, you are going to get a stiffer ride, and look at wearing out the center of the tread line because of the over inflated tire. The rest of what you can do really just comes down to how you drive your vehicle. If you're accelerating, and just be aware that every time you accelerate from a stoplight, you're using gas mileage. So if you're going to go from stoplight, and you know the stoplight in front of you is red, don't accelerate very hard from that stoplight, 'cause you're just going to have to stop again and start again. Then just comes to paying attention to the road conditions. Do the same thing in traffic. If the cars in front of you are stopped, don't accelerate very fast, 'cause you're using a lot of energy to gain that momentum, and you're just going to step on your brakes. You'll wear out your brakes faster, and you'll use more fuel. The rest of it is, go down hill. If you're going downhill, take your foot off the gas. Let gravity do the rest of the work for you. There are a few other, more complicated, things you can do, such as drafting. But you don't want to get into that. Drafting is illegal. Just pay attention to how you're driving and keep your vehicle maintained, and you will be getting better gas mileage numbers.


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