Is Bourbon the Best Alcohol for Cough Suppression?

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Bourbon is often the alcohol used for cough suppression in hot totty drinks to break up phlegm and mucus. Discover how using bourbon for colds is based on myth with information from a wine specialist in this free video on bourbon.

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Video Transcript

Well howdy. Thought we'd talk a little bit about some traditional ideas for cough suppression, although we both know that if you have a cough or cold, you need to go see your doctor. Don't try any of this at home kids. However, in our American culture, bourbon has long been used as a cough suppressant. Many times in what's called a hot totty where the bourbon is warmed with honey in a sauce pan then added to hot water, or often drank and followed with hot water or as they do on the west coast in just a shot, where a shot of bourbon is poured. It is topped with a layer of honey and then a squeeze of lemon. Although any whiskey can work in a hot totty, bourbon is the whiskey of choice for most people because it mixes very well with honey being somewhat sweet in its flavor profile as well and adds a very nice contrast to the sweet and sour of they honey and the lemon. Old wives will tell you this will have a tendency of breaking up your phlegm and mucus and relaxing you as well as making you sweat subsequently allowing the toxins to leave the body. However this is supposedly a myth and has no basis in actual fact.


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