What Are Some Good Exercises for the Biceps?

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Good exercises for the biceps are a variety of push-ups, such as a traditional push-up, an elevated push-up, a diamond push-up and a wide stance push-up. Practice good bicep workouts with exercise advice from a gymnastics teacher in this free video on physical fitness.

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Hi, my name is Rebbecca and I'm here at Encore Gymnastics and we're here to talk about some good exercises for your biceps. The best and most common exercise we do for our arms and our bicep muscles are push ups and we're going to talk about a little bit of the various different types of push ups we can do. We can start out with our hands pressed against nice and even directly down from your shoulder, not wider than your shoulder. And we can push down with our elbows out and come back in or we can keep our elbows in nice and tight which is a little bit more advanced and come back in also. We can also place our hands wider than our shoulders. If we push our hands wider than our shoulders we're going to get a wide stance working with our biceps and our shoulder muscles. So nice and wide, down and back up. We can turn our hand sideways and go down and back up which really, really, really targets your shoulder muscles. The last one we can do is our diamond push ups where we put our hands close together and try to put either a chest in there or our nose. These work our bicep muscles again along with the backside of the shoulder muscle. Any type of push up is really, really good for the bicep muscles but we want to be careful that we hold our body nice and tight, we don't want to let our back fold in because it does cause back injury especially as we get older. The last exercise we can do for our biceps is the tricep muscle exercise. Even though we call it the tricep muscle exercise or dips, we also use the biceps to come up. So we want to start our body nice and straight as we press down we want to stay as straight as possible and press up using our biceps to hold our arms nice and straight. And that is some of the exercises that are good for the biceps.


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