Quick Ways to Flatten Your Stomach

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To flatten your stomach quickly, work the upper abdomen, lower abdomen and obliques through crunches, leg lifts and cross-over crunches. Work out the abdomen every day for the best results with exercise advice from a gymnastics teacher in this free video on physical fitness.

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Hello, my name is Virginia Kelley and I am here at Encore Gymnastics and I'm going to give you a few tips on how to quickly get a flatter stomach. As far as how quick it happens, that really depends on you and how much time and energy you put into it, but your stomach is a bunch of different muscles and you are allowed to work your stomach muscles everyday unlike some muscles that you have to do every other day. So you can do this everyday, the more you do it, the quicker you're going to get them. When you are thinking about working your stomach, you want to keep in mind that there are four sections that you want to work in order to get a flat stomach. You've got your obliques on the side and then you have upper and lower abdominal muscles. So I'm going to show you some tips on some really good exercises to work each of those muscles and working them all together gives you a nice flat stomach, nice little lines. Down here on the floor. OK, so when you're working your abdomen, you want to work the top and the bottom. So you've got your upper abdomen, you've got nice crunches, these are pretty straightforward, it's just a little crunch. And when you're working on your stomach, you want to remember that small movements make a big difference. You don't have to do a full sit up to work the muscles so small movements are very effective. So we'll start here, little crunches. It's important when you do your crunches, keep your back flat on the ground. If you're arching your back then you're hurting your back so keep your back flat, little crunches. And then for lower abdomen, putting your hands under your hips, legs up in the air, little tiny lifts right here. That works the lower abdomen. For your obliques on the side, doing the crossing motion when you do your sit ups or just reaching to the side. It's really important when you're doing your sit ups try and pull your belly button to the ground making sure that back is flat. Side to side. So those are some quick simply exercises that if you do let's say 3 sets of 30 each night for the upper, the lower and the obliques, in no time you should be getting a nice flat stomach. Thank you.


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