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To skip rope, begin with the rope behind the feet, swing the rope over the head, and let it land in front of the feet. Jump over the rope on the floor before picking up speed with exercise advice from a gymnastics teacher in this free video on physical fitness.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Virginia Kelley and I'm here at Encore Gymnastics and I'm going to give you some tips on how to skip rope. When you pick a rope, you want to make sure that it's long enough. If you stand on the rope and pull it up, you want to make sure the rope at least goes past your waistline and doesn't go past your armpit. So somewhere in between is a good length for jumping rope. When you start out by jumping the rope, just get used to jumping over it. Hold it up and just jump over and back. Get used to that motion and when you do start jumping rope, start with the rope behind you, swing it over your head, let it drop and just try and jump over. When you start feeling comfortable with that, you can get it going and start your jumping. When you do jump rope, you want to make sure that you keep your feet together, you're pushing through your toes and it's a little tiny jump, it's not too big because that rope's going to come around real fast and you want to make sure that you're ready for it when it comes around again. When you are skipping rope, you pretty much want to keep your arm nice and still, it's right by your side. When you jump rope you don't want to swing your arms way up high to get the rope over the top. You want to keep your elbows low, your wrists out and your palms up. So when you're going it's a pretty simply movement. You do a little bit with the wrists to get the rope going but it's not the full arms. Small wrists movements and that is how you can learn to skip rope.


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