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Skipping rope is done with the feet together, pressing through the toes, but can be modified to create an excellent cardiovascular exercise to promote weight loss. Find out how to use skipping rope as a great workout with exercise advice from a gymnastics teacher in this free video on physical fitness.

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Hi, my name is Rebecca, and I'm here at Encore Gymnastics with Virginia. And we're here to talk about how to skip rope. Now the basic jumping rope is with our feet together, pressing through our toes. Virginia's going to go ahead and show you that. Good. And, the skipping rope action is actually generally associated with little kids in playgrounds, but, we can also use that as a great cardio exercise for our weight loss or training. So, Virginia's going to go ahead and show you. Skipping rope goes from one foot to the other, and you can choose your lead foot as you please, or switch it up, that's fine. It's always good to switch your legs, because you build the muscles in both legs equally. We can also show it to the side. We're going to make sure that Virginia keeps her body nice and tight. She's not rocking too much back and forth. She's very aware of how much is around her, making sure that there's no people or any kind of object blocking her jump rope, jumping rope. You can always make sure that we practice with the arms, nice and tight, and into the ribs. And our wrists are circling around. She's going to show you again. Play close attention to her arms are not moving too much, but it does help that her forearms are starting to move. This is bad. We don't want to lift all the way through the arms. What happens is our lower back starts to release and we're not working the core muscles that we need to work when we jump rope. And, this is how to skip rope.


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