How Can I Work Out My Arm Muscles?

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Working out the arm muscles, which include the forearm, the biceps, the triceps and shoulder, can be done by using dumbbells or giant soup cans to create simple arm curls exercises. Work out the arm muscles every other day, keeping correct posture throughout the process, with exercise advice from a gymnastics teacher in this free video on physical fitness.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Virginia Kelley, and I'm here at Encore Gymnastics, with Rebecca. We are going to teach you how you can work on your arm muscles. When you're working your arm muscles, you want to take into consideration, you've got your forearm that you want to be able to work out, your bicep, that's the top muscle, the top muscle of your arm, and then your tricep, which is the back muscle, and then as well as your shoulder, so you want a nice, you want to work out your whole arm. A couple of exercises you can do, we'll start out with our forearm. You're going to hold your dumbbell, or giant soup can, or anything that you are ready for. It might be something that's only one pound, it might be twenty pounds, just make sure that you can do about 10 reps, without feeling fatigued. If you're too fatigued after five, your weight is too much, and make sure you get a less weight. When you're working your forearm, just small movements up and down, are going to work your forearm. It's important that you stand up nice and straight. You want a nice straight back. Here, we'll turn you to the camera, a nice straight back here. You don't want to be leaning back, because then you're not using your muscles as much, it's a small motion up and down. Another exercise you can do, we're going to focus on the tricep here. You're going to put one hand, your free hand down on a stationary device. Square your shoulders. Make sure your back is nice and flat, and you are going to pull your elbow up, and back, and down. Keep your shoulders square when you do this. It's like you're starting a lawn mower, and up and down. Again, slow motions. It's really important that when you're working your muscles, you do nice, slow even movements all the way through. If you just do little tight movements, you're not going to be able to fully extend and lengthen that muscle, as you exercise it, so we have the triceps here, bicep, you're going to counter this. You want to again, stand up straight, yeah, facing here is good. Hold onto your weight, and you're just going to curl it up, up and down. Again, you want to make sure you go all the way up, full extension down, all the way up again. It's important, you can see here that Rebecca has her arm nice and straight, and in alignment with her body. You don't want to throw your chest back. If you're throwing your chest back in order to do this, your weight is probably too much, so lessen your weight, so that you can up your reps, and then for shoulders, you can put that down. Push-ups are good old stand by. Push-ups are a great way to build up your shoulder, as well as your chest, and if push-ups on the ground are too hard for you, you can start by using something a little bit higher. Can you push up against this? Again, nice straight back. It's very important that your form is proper, so that you're using the muscles that you're trying to exercise. Lower down, and then a push-up. Very nice, thank you, and those will help build your shoulders, and as you get stronger, you can lower your incline, so that you're flat against the ground. Make sure you work the forearms, bicep, tricep, and shoulder, and you'll have nice strong arms in no time.


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