How to Do a One-Handed Handstand

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When doing a one-handed handstand, start in a cartwheel or a lunge, and be sure to finish in a cartwheel. Make sure a one-handed handstand is solid before moving with help from a gymnastics coach in this free video on gymnastics and tumbling.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Caroline, and this is Katie. And we're here at Encore Gymnastics. Today we're going to teach you how to do a one handed handstand. Before you start any activity, you always want to make sure to warm up. Katie's going to show you how to stretch her wrists. Very good. Excellent. Her neck. And up and down, very good. And she's going to show you a straddle stretch. So big straddle, arms up. She's going to reach towards one foot, and this is going to stretch the bottom of her leg and her side. And arms up, and the other side, stretching here, and here. And arms up, and out in the middle. This is also called the pancake. You want to keep your knees to the ceiling and your toes pointed. Come on up. When you do a one arm handstand, you can either start in a cartwheel, or you can start in a lunge. So Katie's going to start in a lunge body going into a cartwheel. She's going to hold this handstand. You want to make sure this is a really solid handstand before you try and move it. Then she's going to lean this way, straddle a little, put her arm out for balance, and hold. The way she's going to come out of this, is she's going to cartwheel down the other side, and finish. That's how you do a one handed handstand.


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