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Math tutors are in high demand, but it's important to consider what areas of math are best known before becoming a tutor. Find out how much time can be devoted to tutoring with help from a math teacher in this free video on teaching math.

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Video Transcript

How do you become a math tutor? Hi. I'm Jimmy Chang. I've been teaching college mathematics for nine years. And I actually got my start in teaching math by becoming a math tutor first. I actually tutored math before deciding that I wanted to teach math for a career. So math tutors are actually very high in demand. A lot of places need math tutors. So here are some tips on how you could get started. So, first of all, you want to determine the type of math that you want to teach. Are you strongest in the elementary algebra, the intermediate algebra, the arithmetic, the geometry? Or do you prefer to teach the calculus level courses? Always think about what areas of math you're strongest in, and then stick to that. Location; where would you like to tutor? Would you like to tutor in a college setting, in an office, or high school, grade school, elementary school? A lot of places, like I said, need math tutors. So definitely think about where and what level you'll want to teach or tutor. Do you want to get paid tutoring or would you like to strictly volunteer? That's something for you to determine. Now after awhile, if you have a lot of different clients or students, then you might want to consider tutoring as a paid position. If you want to get your name out there, always advertise. List your e-mail address, phone number, list the kind of experience that you've had, what kind of areas of math you're willing to tutor, etc. Determine what kind of time commitment that you have. If you already have a full-time job, if you're already taking a lot of classes, you might want to tutor maybe 10, at most 20 hours a week. But if you decide that you have enough students that you could make it a full-time job, tutoring 40 hours a week or more, then that's completely up to you. But think about how much of a time commitment you want to tutor math. And last but not least, definitely before going into any tutoring session, always plan ahead. You can ask ahead of time what kind of concepts that you will be studying, and then just look at the lesson just to double check that you know what it is that you're going into, and you should be good to go. So I'm Jimmy Chang, and there are some tips on how to become a math tutor.


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