How Do I Do Pin Curls?

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To do pin curls, take dry or wet hair, section the hair, and neatly wrap the hair around the finger. Pin the curl to the head to let it sit with instructions from a hairstylist in this free video on hairstyles.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Elizabeth Muller, from Liz's Hair Design, in Hollywood, Florida. In this clip, we're going to show you how to make a pin curl. Now, pin curls have been around for years, and there's different types of pin curls. You can do a pin curl on dry hair, or on wet hair. This is a standing pin curl right here, and what it is, is just taking the hair, and doing a pin curl standing up. You can take a section of the hair right here, like I'm going to take. It's great for like those curly, wavy looks, fiftyish kind of looks. Back in the 50's, people used to do these a lot too, but you know what? Things come around in hair, so you just go round and round like this, be very, very neat. Go wrap it around your finger like this, nice and neatly, and you place it on the base of the head, and you go like that. These are standing pin curls. You can do it again like I said, on a dry head of hair, the same way, but you have to wrap it around a little bit neater, keeping the tips tucked in. You can do a flat pin curl also, and that's just going around like that, on the head, and making it flat on the head like this, instead of standing, see? and it's on the head, but flat, and you put the pin always in the middle, and that's a pin curl. This has been Elizabeth Muller.


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