Cute Hairstyles Black Women Can Do With Flat Irons

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Some cute hairstyles black women can do with a flat iron include curling the hair all over or straightening the hair with a flip at the ends. Use a small flat iron to curl hair with instructions from a hairstylist in this free video on hair care.

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Video Transcript

Hi this is Elizabeth Muller from Liz's Hair Design in Hollywood, Florida. In this clip I am going to show you cute hair styles for black women. Now you notice I started to do a few curls here. A flat iron is just not used to make the hair straight. You can curl the whole head like this and then you'll have a cute wavy curly hairstyle and I am going to also show you how to flip the hair to change it up a little bit. So here's one of the styles. I started to go ahead and do the curls earlier on and I'm going to proceed to show you how to curl the hair. First I'm going to spray the hair with hair spray. O'kay get it ready to curl the hair. You want to go ahead and comb that out a little bit so it doesn't get sticky on the curler and I'm going to take a smaller curling iron because the hair is shorter. If the hair was longer then you would want to take the bigger curling flat iron. I'm going to go ahead and proceed to twist the hair around in a curl like this and use a round small curling iron, the flat one that are round on the edges like this, o'kay? You notice how you twirl the hair round and round and I'm going to let it go and as you see you get a nice formed hair curl and you can do the whole head like this and then your hair will become curly. So again I'm going to go ahead and twirl it around, twirl it, twirl it, twirl it and I'm going to let go of it and you have curly hair all over. The second style I am going to show you is as you see I flip the hair instead of curling it. You can flip your hair all over like this and it will be a flipped hair style, a little bit different than just straight. Take the bigger flat iron and you go ahead and you push it up and flip it like that, o'kay. You get a nice flip of the hair, just take it again and proceed to flip it and you get your hair flipped like this. Make sure you put a little bit of hair spray in the hair so it can stay. This has been Elizabeth Muller.


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