Tricks for Memorizing Multiplication Facts

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Rhymes can be used to help people memorize multiplication facts, and flash cards are helpful as well. Think about adding a number to itself when multiplying by two with help from a math teacher in this free video on math lessons and memorization.

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Video Transcript

So, what are some tricks for memorizing multiplication facts? Hi, I'm Jimmy Chang. I've been teaching college mathematics for nine years, and there are a lot of tricks to memorizing multiplication facts, but here are just a few tips to get you started. Now, it always helps to start from the very beginning, especially with zeros and ones. Now, here's a couple of tricks to help you with these. Now with zeros, zero times any number, is going to give you zero. Simple enough, and with ones, think about one times any number, is going to be that number, so for example, one times seven is seven, one times twelve is going to give you twelve. With twos and fours, with twos, think about doubling. For example, if you want to find out what five times two is going to be, think about five and doubling it, so five and five is going to give you ten, and when we're multiplying by four, think about doubling, doubling, in other words, double doubling. In other words, if you want to multiply six times four, think about six times two first, which is twelve, and then double that answer again, and twelve and twelve, is going to give you twenty four, so six times four, is going to give you twenty four. Now with fives, think about this. Five times an even number, is going to always end with zero, and five times an odd number, is going to give you ending with a five, so for example, five times four, four is even, you're going to have twenty, which ends of course, with zero, and if you have five times seven, for example, five times seven, seven is odd, so five times seven is going to end with a five, and in this case, the number itself is thirty five. Now, to help you with some other multiplication facts, you can always help, to think about rhymes. Folks can relate pretty easily, and remember rhymes as well, especially when you put things into rhymes or a song. That's always a good tip. Now, there's also the tried and true methods of flash cards, as well as addition, because if you think about it, multiplication and addition are related to each other, in a lot of ways, so for example, if you want to multiply for example, eight times three, think about adding eight with itself three times, eight plus eight plus eight, which is going to give you twenty four, so you can also go back to the old school ways of learning multiplication facts, so I'm Jimmy Chang, and here are some tips on memorizing multiplication facts.


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