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Inside coping is a term that describes an alternative to 45 cuts that are made for creating the inside corners on molding. Discover how to use a chop saw to cut out the meat section of the molding with help from a certified home inspector in this free video on home carpentry.

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Hello, my name is Mark Blocker, in this segment we're going to cover how to cope inside molding. Inside coping is a term that describes an alternative to inside forty five cuts made for making the inside corners on molding. Now, basically what that does is, is you've got a corner joining instead of making two forty five inside cuts, join together and make a ninety degree angle on your inside corner. You have one piece that's just butt cut on a ninety, and the other piece butts up against it, we'll use coping. How we achieve this, really easy, first, on your inside piece make a cut of forty five degrees and what you see of material there, that forty five degree cut, that's what has to be removed for the cope to work correctly. The next thing, we're going to make a cut with our chop saw, cut out the meat section of the actual material and then this upper lip here is what you're going to use your coping saw to cut off, that's how it got the name cope molding, and that can just be done by holding it down on a table or other flat surface using your coping saw. What we're going to end up with on our final piece is that forty five cut with all of the excess material hanging off, just follow your blade line that your chop saw makes on your forty five line butting up one piece in the corner, the other piece butting to it. As you can see it makes a real tight easy joint regardless whether you have to open or close the angles in the corner. That's how you cope inside molding.


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