How to Get Started in the Stock Market

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Getting started in the stock market involves going out and buying books on the subject. Buy a basket of companies or a mutual fund with help from a personal asset manager in this free video on investing in the stock market and money management.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Roger Groh with Grohasset Management. Today we are here to talk a little bit about how to get started investing in the stock market. Well my recommendation first would be to go and purchase books about it. There might be two that I would recommend or two groups of books that I would recommend. First is written by an old portfolio manager from Fidelity called Peter Lynch. You can go to your local library, look him up, get one of his books and start reading it. He was a very pragmatic guy who tended to try and identify companies that were going to grow every year over the longer term. He had a fantastic record and then retired. The second would be two older gents who were professors at Columbia University who were called Graham and Dodd. Again you can go to your library and do a search and this is a text book that you can get that talks more about the technical part on how to break down a balance sheet and how to pick companies. Also I would suggest going to seminars about it and hearing from more and more experts as many as possible before you have invested a dime as to how they have done what they have done. After all of that is said and done and it has come time to put in your money, how do you do it? Well for diversification purposes you may want to buy a basket of companies or you may want to own a mutual fund or an ETF, Electronically Traded Fund. In either case the best way seemingly to make money over the longer term is to put in a little bit of money regularly. If you put in $50 a month or $100 a month or $100,000 a month every year for the next 30 years you are going to look back and you'll be a winner. Anyway that's a little bit about how to get started investing in the stock market and I'm Roger Groh.


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