What Skills Do You Need to Become a Pro Basketball Player?

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Professional basketball players practice a lot, they have great jumping skills, and they are dedicated to improving. Become a better shooter, passer, dribbler and defender in basketball with help from an athletic trainer in this free video on improving basketball skills.

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Video Transcript

The skills you need to become a good or pro basketball player. What you really need is practice. Now, a lot of people would argue that you have to have a lot of talent on top of practice, but I would say that you need to have a lot of practice, because you can be short, or you can be tall, but if you're well practiced, then it means you are nurturing your skills. Like, take Michael Jordan for instance. Michael Jordan was your average basketball player, but he practiced a lot, and he's not exceptionally tall, or exceptionally small. He's about a medium build guy, but he practiced so much that it just became his innate nature, to be a great basketball player, and because of that, his original skills just multiplied, so he probably could jump, have a forty two inch vertical, and because he practiced so much, his vertical increased. He probably had average dribbling, but because he practiced so much, his dribbling became better, so if you're short, tall, big, small, you can always be a good basketball player. It just depends on how much dedication you have to it, and if you dedicate to becoming a better player, and learning better skills, then eventually you will be that.


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