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In order to be quick when playing basketball, it's important to cut down on extra seconds with moves like the defensive slide. Practice the positive knee angle in basketball with help from an athletic trainer in this free video on improving basketball skills.

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How to become a quicker basketball player. We're going to use an example of a defensive slide because we can break down the different angles that can make you more efficient at it. So, what you first want to do is make sure you're getting low, and what most commonly a lot of players do is that they'll pull their leg, rather than push off of their leg. And then even when they're pushing off of their leg, some of them hop. So we want to make sure we're cutting down those extra seconds and we're going to create a positive knee angle. So when you're doing a defensive slide, we're getting low, you're creating this positive knee angle in the direction that we want to go. So we're coming here and then we're springing off, and then we're switching, positive knee angle. What's a drill that can help this is a defensive slide drill. So all you're going to do here is practice that positive knee angle, put your hands up in defensive position, and then you're going to go here, making sure you have a positive knee angle and all the fundamentals that you need, and that will ensure to help out your quickness. Another drill you can do for quickness is called a T drill. Now there's so many different variations and different ways you can do it, I'm just going to show you one of the variations. You're going to start at the base line here, you're going to run up to the foul line, you can touch, defensive slide, defensive slide, get back to the top of the T and back paddle. Now, you want to do that drill as fast as you can using the proper form, because you want to practice with the proper form so you don't have the bad habits carrying over in to game time.


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