What Are Some Ways to Improve Basketball Skills?

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A few ways to improve basketball skills include working on shooting with the fingers, passing to targets and practicing dribbling skills. Practice dribbling while keeping the head up with help from an athletic trainer in this free video on improving basketball skills.

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Video Transcript

What are some ways to improve basketball skills? It depends on what skill you want to improve. If you're talking shooting you want to work on your basic shooting technique getting your heel toe relationship. Make sure your elbows in shooting with your fingers in the guide hand. Making sure your hips is square to the hoop. If you're talking something like passing, you want to make sure you pass a lot. Work on different variations of passes. Work on different targets. If you're talking about dribbling, you can do some dribbling drills. Here's an example. You can do a figure eight tapping on your fingers or you can just dribble with individual fingers and shrinking your fingers by pointer, middle, ring, pinkie, thumb which is not really a finger but hey. It works. You can practice crossovers between the leg crossovers. All these conduced to how you play. Make sure you're keeping your head up dribbling with your fingers. You can do a behind the back crossover, forward. You can do in and out. You can just these skills over and over again and then you can practice combinations, crossover, crossover. Eventually, you're going to get better whether you realize it or not.


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