How to Shoot a Jump Shot

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An important aspect of a jump shot is heel-toe relationship, and it's also important to keep the elbow in and legs underneath the body. Find out how to make a jump shot more effective and efficient with help from an athletic trainer in this free video on playing basketball and basketball skills.

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Video Transcript

How to shoot an efficient jump shot. Basically you're going to take your regular techniques that you know about a jump shot and you're going to apply them in action. So, say for instance your team mate is passing you the the ball. When you get the ball, a lot of people don't know this, you already want to be set up in your shot in your stance. So when the ball is coming to you, you're already ready to go up and release. So what people most commonly do is get the ball and then set up for the shot. Here's an example of what not to do. And here's what you do want to do to make it more effective and more efficient. Okay so with your basic jump shot you want to make sure you're stepping into the shot and you have a heel-toe relationship. And the fundamental things, getting your elbow in, making sure you're using your fingers in your guide hand to release the ball, and make sure you get your legs underneath you and you're square to the hoop. So we want to step in and we want to make the shot.


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