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In order to become a better basketball shooter, a player should get his elbow in, he should line up with his hips square, and he should release from his fingertips. Work on a heel-toe relationship in basketball shooting with help from an athletic trainer in this free video on playing basketball and basketball skills.

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Video Transcript

How to become a better shooter. What you want to do is make sure you are embodying those basic techniques which is getting your elbow in, so making sure it is in when you release, kind of lined up with your eye. The other one is making sure your hand is not touching the ball a lot of people do this and shoot like that make sure you are releasing from the top of your fingers. You also want to make sure your hips are square to the hoop again, heel toe relationship when you are on the move you know for shooting, usually in a free throw, people usually have their feet like this or people have their feet like this, it depends on the person. And lastly you want to make sure you practice because practice is it makes perfect so, jump shot. Once you have your basic jump shot technique the difference between just a regular jump shot on the perimeter and one outside the three point line is the amount of strength you put underneath it. So it is the amount of leg power you use. So if I am shooting a three pointer I am using the same technique elbow in, heel toe relationship, and I am getting a little bit more strength underneath me. Now if I am shooting a jump shot a little less strength. Another shot is the bank shot. It is not as commonly used as it used to be, but it is a pretty basic shot once you have the technique. Same thing heel toe relationship all that other stuff that i mentioned before. What you are going to do is just aim for that big box on the back of the hoop, that is your primary target. And then you are just going to let it go. And we are going to make this one.


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