How to Change the Programming on My Cell Phone

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Changing the programming on a cell phone is done to change a device's phone number, which requires contacting the carrier, acquiring a six-digit lock code and following the prompts to enter in the MSID or MIN number. Change the programming on any cellular phone with information from a wireless specialist in this free video on cell phones.

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Hi, I'm Ben from the Cellphone Broker in San Jose, California, and today I'm going to show you how to change the programming on your cell phone. The only reason you would need to change the programming is if you have a phone and you want to activate it on a different phone number than what it was on before. So, you have a phone, and it was your brother's phone, and you want to switch it out and make it your phone. So what you're going to do is you're going to first contact the carrier and have them switch out the serial number. Then they're going to give you a, usually a six digit lock code that you'll enter in on your phone. And then that'll usually take you into a menu that says 'View, edit and done', and you can select edit. It'll ask you for your phone number, then it'll ask for another piece of information, which is usually MSID, or MIN, so you enter that in. Sometimes it's the same as the phone number, sometimes it's a little bit different, but the company, you know, Metro PCS, Sprint, or whoever will usually give you that information. And then, after that, it'll turn the phone off, turn it back on, and then your phone's ready to use. So every phone is a little bit different to program. On this particular device what you do is you hit pound, pound, and then there's usually a six digit lock code. On this one I'm just going to hit 000000, which is six zeros, and then I'm going to hit pound again. And it goes into this service program menu, it has three options; view, edit and done. I'm going to scroll down to edit. It's going to ask for the MDN, which is Mobile Device Number, which is your phone number. So you can enter in your number, and then you can hit 'Okay'. And it'll go into another screen, which says MSID. Sometimes it'll also say MIN. And you also enter in whatever that number is that the company gives you enter in there. And then you hit 'Okay', and then you scroll down to 'Done', and the phone will turn off and then turn back on. And at point it'll be ready to go. So, like I said, every phone is different to program, so, the best way to find out how to program your phone is to contact the service provider directly, or look into the instruction manual and you should be able to find directions in there. I'm Ben from the Cellphone Broker in San Jose, California, and that's how you program your phone. You can check us out online,


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