What Is a Protractor?

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A protractor is a device used to find measurements of certain angles. Discover how to use a protractor to measure angles between zero and 180 degrees with help from a tutor and teacher in this free video on education in math and science.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Samir Malik. And I'm a private tutor for Middle school and High school students in the Austin area. Today, we're going to be discussing what a protractor is. And I'll also provide you with some examples of how to gain or angle measures. For a protractor, by using a protractor. Protractor helps us find the measurements of certain angles. So when we have a triangle for example. When we want to find out the measurements of all the angles in the triangle. We can go ahead and use a protractor. If we have just you know, a trapezoid or a hexagon. And we want to find out what each of those angle measures are. We can use a protractor to take the measurements. So if you take a look here. I'll go ahead and illustrate for you. How we can go about using a protractor. In finding the measurements of two specific angles. So we have two angles here. This will be angle one and angle two. And we're going to solve for finding the measure of angle one first. First thing we do is, we put our protractor. Right connect it to the base of the line. And the center hole should be where the angle starts. Then we take our liner here and we bring it all the way till it hits. The lines matches with the line. And we're able to find out that this measurement is a hundred and thirty seven degrees. So we have a hundred and thirty seven degree angle here. And then on the second one, similar strategy. We basically measure our line to the base. And attach it accordingly. We take our liner. And we connect it so that we're able to get the reading. And we have our reading here as thirty seven degrees. For this particular line. So we have here from these two examples. We're able to see that the first angle measures a hundred and thirty seven degrees. And our second one is only thirty seven degrees. And we're able to find these angle measures by using our handy little protractor. So we're able to understand here on. First of all, what a protractor is? And then secondly, how we can find angle measures for various angles. By using the protractor.


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