Who Invented the Protractor?

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The protractor was invented in 1801 by Joseph Huddard, and this device is used to measure angles from zero to 180 degrees. Use a protractor for math and science problems with help from a tutor and teacher in this free video on educational tools and teaching.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Samir Malik. I'm a private tutor for middle school and high school students here in Austin, Texas. Today we are going to discuss who invented the protractor and also explain to you what a protractor looks like and also do an example to show you an angle measure of using the protractor. A protractor was invented in 1801 by a gentleman by the name of Joseph Huddard. This is what the protractor looks like and over here we can see all the angle degree measures from 0 up to 180 degrees and now I will illustrate this for you as well by showing you an example of trying to find the measure of an angle. So here we have a line a straight line with another line going across it and we are trying to find the angle of this measure here. So what we do is we take our protractor we put it on the dot in the center, we measure it accordingly and we realize that this angle measure hits 125 degrees by using the protractor. So thanks to Joseph Huddard who invented the protractor in 1801 there are some great benefits in using the protractor especially when we are trying to find angle measures, we can easily find them by placing it as a straight edge would normally be placed and then we are able to calculate the angle measured by using this protractor. This helps us with various homework problems, math problems, science problems and various analytical problems so it is definitely a beneficial tool for us today.


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