Solving Linear Inequalities Graphically

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Solve linear inequalities graphically by creating a graph with X and Y coordinates and connecting the values of the equation solution. Create a visual representation of linear inequalities with instructions from a tutor in this free video on math.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Samir Malik and I am a private tutor for middle school and high school students in the Austin, Texas area, today I am going to be describing how we can solve linear inequalities graphically. We will need to have a coordinate plane so both x and y axis when we are solving for linear inequalities and then we can graph them accordingly to solve for the equation. So I would like to illustrate this to you by graphing it out with a an example I have also. So here we have an equation which is y is less than or equal to two x plus three and we need to graph it so what we do first is we go ahead and set the equation so have y equals two x plus three first and then we can draw our little table with our x and y values so we have x is zero y is three x is one and y becomes five and then what we do is we go ahead and graph accordingly so have x is zero y is one, so that is one point, x is one x is zero and y is three so we have one two and three, and then we have, x is one and y is five, so we have four five and we have one so we have this equation right here and we basically connect the dots together to draw that equation and it is y has to be less than two x plus three, so if y has to be less than two x plus three then we make sure that everything under, under this, would be true for that equation because y has to be less than two x plus three on our graph. So this is how we would graph a linear inequality. So this basically concludes how we can solve and graph for a linear inequality based on first of all taking the inequality and then using our x and y coordinates to graph it accordingly.


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