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Find the slope of two points on a graph by using the formula M equals Y2 minus Y1 over X2 minus X1. Plot and calculate the slope of a line on a graph using the slop formula with examples from a tutor in this free video on math.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Samir Malik. And I'm a tutor for Middle school and High school students here in the Austin area. Today, we're going to be discussing and seeing how we can find slopes. Now slopes are critical because when you have a graph. And you have two points on the graph. And you connect those two points with a line. You want to know, what the slope of that particular line is. And there's a formula which is used to find the slope of that line. And so if you'd like to come over here for a second. I'll go ahead and illustrate that formula to you. As well as provide you with an example on finding the slope. Slope formula is M equals Y2 minus Y1. Over X2 minus X1. And M stands for slope. Where the Y2 minus Y1 are the Y points. And the X2 minus X1 are the X points. So if we have two points. Say we have five and two as one set. And then we have another set. Say, it's three and one. We're going to go ahead and take Y2 which is one. And minus Y1 which is two. Divided by X2 which is three. Minus X1 which is five. And we get our slope to be negative one over three minus five. Which is negative two. Which equals one half. To be our answer. This is how we calculate the slope of these two particular points, on a graph. By using the slope formula. So now we're able to understand what the slope formula is. As well as see an example of how we find the slope. When we're give two points on a coordinate plain.


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