Improving College Reading Skills

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Improve college reading skills by summarizing what you have read, highlighting or marking important points in readings and reading in smaller chunks. Avoid reading all of an assignment the day before it is due with advice from a writing instructor in this free video on reading.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Laura from and I'd like to talk about improving college reading skills. In college, you'll do lots and lots of reading, so having good reading skills is a really helpful thing. One way to really make the most of your reading is to summarize it for yourself. So if you read a chapter or two, either in your head, or possibly... if possible, in writing, depending on what's the best way for you to reinforce. You can summarize what you've read. Try and sum it up in a way that makes it really meaningful to you, and gives you something for your memory to hold on to. This will really help you when you're reading a lot, because it will really help you to have something that you can pull back, pull out of your mind from that amount of reading that you did. So, either while you're reading or at the end of each chapter, write a quick summary. You can also highlight in the books with a highlighter, or even, you know, a flag or a post-it note, some way that you can pull out important points. So then when it's time to go back and review for a test, you can go back and see those important points very easily. So, a colored highlight or colored post-it note sticking out will help you really to pull out the important points. Again, this is visual and it's also a memory device for you to reinforce what was important about that reading. Try and do your reading in smaller chunks so you don't end up saving all of the reading assignment for the day before it's due. If you can space it out, you'll be better able to really process all of the information, and you have a better chance of remembering it, so that you'll be able to, when it's time for an exam or a test, you'll be able to recall it more easily. So those are some ideas about improving college reading skills.


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