How to Gain Motivation in School

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Gain motivation in school by having a larger goal to achieve, discussing goals with someone successful, breaking tasks into smaller pieces and making things into a game. Stay well-rested, and eat healthy to stay motivated in school with tips from a writing instructor in this free video on motivation.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Laura from and I'm going to talk about how to gain motivation at school. Motivation is really important because at times studying and school work can be a little bit boring and having some larger goal or something that you are really looking towards accomplishing will really help in overcoming some of the boredom and making yourself really work a little bit harder. One of the most important things as I said is to have larger goals so really keep in mind what this ultimately will lead to so what being successful in school will achieve for you and one of the, a good step in helping to put that to work for you is to meet someone and talk with someone who has done well in school and has gone on to do something that you hope to also achieve. So meeting people who have graduated and who are using their education in a way that inspires you is a really good way to help you build your own motivation. When it comes to doing tasks that you find boring or are hard for you it really helps to break them into smaller pieces. So instead of looking at something really daunting like memorizing an entire poem or reading a really long novel break it up so you just have to read a chapter each day or you just have to memorize a stanza each day and those tasks will be achievable and they will give you something a little bit of success that will help to motivate you to continue on. Another good tool is to make studying fun so find ways that it is almost a game for you. For example little flash cards where you can quiz yourself and see how many you get right each time if you are learning a foreign language for example or compete with a friend who is also studying the same thing in sort of like a game show format where you can see who has memorized more information or who can solve more problems. You also need to make sure that you are well rested and you are eating well because some of the lack of motivation that you feel might come from not taking good care of yourself so remember to get a good night's sleep especially if you are preparing for a big exam or test and that will help you overall in your studies. So those are some ideas about how to gain motivation in school.


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