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The definition of acute pain is extremely unbearable pain that completely impairs a person from functioning normally. Learn about the pain scale that doctors use with information from a wellness consultant in this free video on acute pain.

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Video Transcript

If you are like many people, you may be suffering from pain. But, there are different kinds of pain and today we are going to learn what is acute pain. I'm Isabelle Simon, your wellness consultant. Like I said there is different kinds of pain, you can have a burning pain, burning sensation, you can have something that is more dull pain, or something that is a throbbing pain, that is a type of pain. But, when we talk also about levels of intensity of pain, this is where we have different levels and for the purpose today, I brought this little diagram which I think will be able to help us. Here on level one, one to two, if you have slight pain, that would be something that you can bare, you barely notice, it doesn't stop your activities for the day, and it kind of comes and goes and you don't even think about it. When it becomes a little more like level four or five, this is something you notice more, it may impede a little bit your activities during the day, but not so much and as it increases, level eight, you know, six, seven, eight, then it's something that really you notice, it helps you, it doesn't help you during the day, and it actually can stop you from doing what you're doing. And, the last level which is the acute pain is, as you see this little guy here totally crying, it's the pain that is so unbearable, you have to stop absolutely everything that you're doing and you cannot function, and this is time that you need to just absolutely stop everything that you're doing and hopefully before you get to that level, you would have gone asked for some help with a doctor or a specialist that can help you manage your pain. But, the definition of acute pain is extremely unbearable pain right now, in time zero, time of present. And, this is how we determine what acute pain is. I hope that you learned something today. My name is Isabelle Simon, and I'm your wellness consultant.


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