What Is Myofascial Release?

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Myofascial release is a massage technique used to help release tension in the muscles, alleviate pain, release toxins from the body and increase range of motion. Find out how massage therapists apply pressure along the fascia for myofascial release with information from a wellness consultant in this free video on massage therapy.

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Video Transcript

Have you ever heard of Myofascial Release but are wondering what it is, well wonder no more I am here to help. I'm Isabelle Simon your personal and workplace wellness consultant and today we are going to learn what is Myofascial Release. Myofascial Release is a technique used by massage therapists to help release the tension in the muscles, alleviate pain, release the toxins out of the body and also help increase the range of motion and you may wonder well where does that come from, Myofascial. It actually comes from the word fascia and fascia I have a little diagram here that is going to help you understand what it is. It is a complicated system that actually helps connect all the tissues inside the body. If any one has ever skinned chicken, raw chicken, you have seen fascia, that is that whitish type of membrane that you see that is under the skin and that is what helps connect the skin to the muscles to the tissues and so here in this diagram you have a little bit of demonstration of the different areas and directions that the fascia can be in here, it is in the back but it is everywhere in the body and when a massage therapist uses the release, he or she will usually apply pressure in the area that is along the fascia so here the fascia goes and does those lines so the massage therapist will apply pressure along instead of against the lining of the fascia and that is what Myofascial Release is is a technique used by massage therapists. I hope you learned something new today and I highly encourage you to get that treatment. It is awesome, I have had it many times and I love it. I'm Isabelle Simon, your wellness consultant. We'll see you soon.


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