How to Wash Your Baby's Hair

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Wash your baby's hair by making sure the water is warm, wetting the top of the head, gently scrubbing baby shampoo into the scalp and then rinsing the baby's head thoroughly. Dry off wet baby hair to prevent illness with tips from the mother of three young children in this free video on parenting.

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Hi, I'm Erica. We are in Salt Lake City, Utah, and I'm going to talk to you today about how to wash your baby's air. If your baby is an infant, then you will need to hold them while you wash their hair -- that's the safest way. You can use a kitchen sink or you can use an infant bathtub or you can use the regular bathtub in your home. The easiest way -- what we're going to do is we're actually going to put the baby underneath the kitchen faucet. And what we're going to do is we're going to use a little bristle brush that we got from the hospital. And first, what you're going to do is make sure that the water is warm. Be sure to test the water before you put it on your baby to make sure it's not too hot or too cold. That way, you don't burn or give the baby a chill. And after that, you're going to wet their head first and kind of just wet their head on the very top. Real gently -- be real gentle. And then after that, you will soap up their head with the shampoo or with the baby shampoo that you have that you've chosen. And then you will scrub very, very lightly on the baby's scalp with the bristle brush. Be sure not to push too hard because their head is very delicate. And then after you're done washing your baby's head, be sure to rinse the baby's head thoroughly and then after that, be sure to dry the baby's head thoroughly. That way, they don't get a chill.


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