How to Introduce Solid Food to Your Baby

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Introduce solid foods to your baby by giving it soft cereal first, moving to small jars of food, and then graduating to larger jars with chunks of food. Wait until a baby has a few teeth before giving it solid food with advice from the mother of three young children in this free video on parenting.

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Hi, I'm Erica. We're in Salt Lake City, Utah, and I'm going to talk to you about how to introduce solid food to your baby. There are many ways to introduce solid foods to your baby, but before you introduce jar foods, be sure to try them on cereals. There's different--there's rice cereal, there's oatmeal cereal, there's a whole bunch of different kinds that you can pick from. That would be the best grounding for you to choose first, before you put them into jars. Once your baby is used to the rice cereal and has gotten a little bit bigger, and is ready to graduate to the jar foods, start with the small jars first. They're called the first foods. That's usually the right amount for the baby to eat, and be sure that when you're feeding your baby these little jar foods that that's not their only source of nutrients. Be sure to feed them bottles also, especially when you're introducing it. Just give them a little bit because they might not get as much food into their stomach when you're actually feeding them because they might not eat the whole jar. So be sure to always give them a bottle afterwards, or if they're still hungry be sure to give them a bottle. Once your baby has grown out of the smaller jars, you can graduate them into the taller jars, the third foods, which actually have little chunks of food in it to get them introduced into having regular table food. When you... be sure that when you're going to graduate them to that, that they at least have some teeth, that they have teeth, because that way they can learn how to chew the food, and just be sure that they're ready for that, because that can present a choking hazard if they are too young.


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