How to Get a Baby to Sleep

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To get a baby to sleep, feed the baby, rock the baby, give it a massage, and avoid putting any tight covers in the crib. Try to lay a baby down just before it falls asleep with advice from the mother of three young children in this free video on parenting.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Erica. We're in Salt Lake City, Utah, and I'm going to talk to you about how to get a baby to sleep. Usually a baby will go to sleep when they're feeding. That's usually when they will fall asleep because they're with their mother and they're comforted. Another way to get a baby to sleep is by rocking them. You can rock them forward or backward, side-to-side. You can rock them in a rocking chair. Sometimes after being stimulated, the baby will get tired... you can get them to fall asleep that way. You can give the baby a little massage. You can rub their back. When your baby is almost asleep, be sure to lay them down. That way, they don't get used to you always holding them when they're sleeping. That'll be a good way to get them in a good habit. So when they're almost asleep, you can walk them over to the crib. After you've laid the baby down, make sure that they are on their back, and that they have loose covers, you don't want any tight covers. Don't have anything in the crib with the baby, in case they move around, and make sure that you sing to them a little bit, but that you leave the room. And once you leave the room, if they kind of fuss a little bit, that's okay, but if they fuss more than a couple of minutes, go back in there and get them out and try to get them back to sleep.


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